Cheap insurance package for Umrah pilgrims

Cheap insurance package for Umrah pilgrims

RIYADH: The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has greatly reduced the price of the insurance package for Umrah pilgrims.

According to the details, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has said that the cost of the complete Umrah insurance package for pilgrims from abroad was 235.57 Rials, which has been reduced to 87.4 Rials.

Visitors must obtain this insurance package through visa processing prior to arrival in the country.

According to newspaper 24, the insurance package has given many facilities to visitors, the package will include coverage for all kinds of emergencies.

The package includes medical examination, medicines, hospital treatment and food, as well as facilities in case of injuries in traffic accidents, dialysis cases, pregnancy and childbirth emergencies, emergency dental treatment and air ambulance facility within and outside the country. Is.

According to the ministry, coverage for death due to natural calamities and accidental total disability will also be part of the insurance package, repatriation of the deceased’s body, accidental death and payment of dowry on court judgment will also be covered under the insurance package.

The package also includes coverage for travel issues, such as compensation for flight delays and flight cancellations, etc. It should be noted that all these facilities will be provided to the insured under the Umrah insurance package.

The ministry says that under the package, compensation up to one lakh riyals will be paid.