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ChatGPT now has memory and knows things about you

ChatGPT becomes more “human” and Now he has a memory and will know things about you. OpenAI has announced a new feature that allows its artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to remember what you ask it to do and how you ask it.

The goal of the company under the direction of Sam Altman The aim is to provide users with a better experience to make conversations with the chatbot more fluid. In this case, the aim is to prevent users from having to repeat information in every conversation by storing certain data.

As OpenAI explained in a statement on its blog, users You can ask ChatGPT to remember specific information from the conversation expressly. Likewise, they may ask what exactly you remember and ask you to forget certain information from the conversation itself.

Additionally, OpenAI has discovered that ChatGPT storage can also be managed through chat settingswhere all the data and information that the chatbot has saved from the conversations appears while the storage is disabled, «will not create or use reminders«. The Manage Storage tab allows users to learn what exactly ChatGPT is storing and delete information that they do not want to be stored. Aside from that, An option is offered that allows you to delete all information from memory or even disable memory so that the chatbot does not generate reminders.

OpenAI also pointed out in the conversation that ChatGPT may be asked to remember specific information or equally: “Let him gather the details himself«. In this way, data is collected, for example that the user in question owns a coffee shop in the neighborhood or that they have a young daughter who loves jellyfish.

At the time of Request various tasks from ChatGPT, the AI ​​will take this data into account to execute it in the most meaningful way possible. For example, if you mention that you have a little boy and he loves jellyfish, and you ask ChatGPT to help you create his birthday card, a jellyfish with a party hat will be suggested.

Also can help with work methodology. For example, if you explained that you want to summarize headings, bullet points, and action items at the end of your meeting notes, ChatGPT will remember this and summarize the meetings again. At this point, OpenAI has assured that “The chatbot’s memory improves the more you use it, and over time you will notice the improvements«. Likewise, users also have the Option to use temporary chat Have conversations without remembering. «Temporary chats do not appear in history, do not take up memory, and are not used to train our models‘ they explained.

Speaking of which Security and privacy standardsOpenAI has also stated that the new feature brings additional privacy and security considerations, so it will prevent ChatGPT from remembering sensitive information: “We take steps to assess and mitigate bias and prevent ChatGPT from proactively remembering sensitive information, such as your health information, unless you specifically request it.«.

Currently, OpenAI has started implementing this new feature to “a small portion of users«, from both the free version of ChatGPT and the Plus version. «We will announce plans for a broader rollout soon.‘ they concluded.

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