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ChatGPT gives 4 tips on how he thinks you can make money with AI

ChatGPT gives 4 tips on how he thinks you can make money with AI

In a world of technological innovation, it is only right to seize the new opportunities. The world of artificial intelligence, or AI for short, offers many possibilities. More and more companies and individuals are implementing self-help programs in their practices. Below are four tips compiled by ChatGPT on how to make money with the program.

Artificial intelligence investing in crypto for you

Different crypto exchanges have developed artificial intelligence that invests for you. The programs generally perform even better than the average trader. This is how you can make money with it cryptowithout having to follow the prices all day long.

Let ChatGPT create content ideas for you

Since social media has become a widespread part of our society, it is not surprising that there is a lot of money to be made from it. However, many content creators and businesses struggle to create interesting content. ChatGPT can then be a consistent source of ideas, saving a lot of brainstorming.

Hassle-free translation and transcription services

AI models are stars in translating and transcribing texts. This is an easy way to earn money. Pass a submitted text or video to an AI program and a translation or transcript will be created. They can then be checked for errors and the final product then sent back to the customer.

Help with game development

Last on the list is game development. AI can play a huge role in game development. They can take inspiration from ChatGPT for a game concept and write the code for you. You can also hire AI to do the graphic design for you. Nowadays you can even characterize the characters in the game by letting them work on the AI. You can even put together a large game yourself this way.

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