ChatGPT founder’s crypto launched, fierce criticism erupts

iIn 2019, OpenAI co-founder Sam Altman came up with a new one cryptocurrency called worldcoin. This project allows you to prove that you are a ‘real person’ – something Worldcoin advocates say is becoming increasingly important in the age of artificial Intelligence (AI). The project was officially launched today.

Worldcoin launched on Ethereum scaling solution

Worldcoin founders Alex Blania and Sam Altman write that in a short update on the project site. The network allows you to create a digital ID, which is linked to the properties of your iris. You can scan this with an associated iris scanner called the Orb. Unlike some other biometric identification services, Worldcoin claims to protect your privacy with encryption.

The project has been in beta for the past six months, but it has now ended. By the fall, Worldcoin aims to grow the number of Orbs to 1,500 worldwide, which will be made available in more than 35 cities around the world. Cities in the Netherlands and Belgium are not included in this list, but many other European cities such as Barcelona, ​​London, Paris and Berlin are.

Although Worldcoin has its own token with the stock symbol WLC, it does not have its own blockchain. Instead, the token was issued on Optimism (OP), a scaling network for Ethereum (ETH). By the ‘World App‘ download and sign up you can claim the digital currency, and after having your iris scanned by an Orb you will receive the token. Initially, the number of outstanding tokens will be 10 billion, and inflation will be 1.5% per year.

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Not everyone is happy with the crypto

The project was set up because the founders expect that ‘real’ people will increasingly compete with Artificial Intelligence. To prevent humans from becoming obsolete, they came up with Worldcoin as a way to differentiate humans from AI. You get the Worldcoin token simply because you have proven that you are human. At the same time, this solves a second problem, namely income inequality. So basically free money.

But not everyone is in favour. For example, privacy advocate and whistleblower Edward Snowden stated on Twitter that the human body is not a punch card. “Do not use biometric data to prevent fraud. Don’t even use biometric data at all,” is his message.

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