ChatGPT can now discover vulnerabilities in Ethereum contracts

Ariticial Intelligence (AI), or artificial intelligence, continues to evolve rapidly and ChatGPT is a good example of this. The possibilities of this chatbot have been expanded again in the latest version and the AI ​​delivers impressive performance on school exams, for example. It is striking that it can also apparently discover vulnerabilities in smart contracts on Ethereum (ETH).

OpenAI launches ChatGPT v4

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has released the fourth generation of its language processing model, called GPT-4, released. GPT-4 is one language model that can provide human answers to a very wide range of question types. But this new version is not only capable of chatting, it has also shown significant improvements in performance on school and law exams.

GPT-4 has new processing capabilities that were not possible with the previous versions. It can now convert images, audio and video files into text and execute “much more subtle instructions” creatively and reliably. This enables the model to perform much more complex tasks than just answering questions.

Vulnerabilities in Ethereum smart contracts

OpenAI demonstrated the potential of GPT-4 by running the model on several exams and scored extremely high on all of them. GPT-4 has received no specific training for these exams, suggesting that the results are representative of the model’s overall performance.

In addition to performing language processing tasks and scoring on exams, GPT-4 also demonstrates other impressive skills. For example, the model can point to security vulnerabilities and explain how code can be exploited, as demonstrated by former Coinbase director Conor Grogan. The former Bridgewater executive threw a live Ethereum contract into GPT-4 and the AI ​​immediately discovered multiple vulnerabilities in the code and ways they could be exploited.

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