Home Business ChatGPT: Bitcoin will put an end to central bank and fiat currencies

ChatGPT: Bitcoin will put an end to central bank and fiat currencies

ChatGPT: Bitcoin will put an end to central bank and fiat currencies

ChatGPT, a new and powerful artificial intelligence (AI), has answered some questions about the end of fiat currencies.

Bitcoin could be the end of Fiat currencies

Parman, a Bitcoin self-depository mentor and writer, taught ChatGPT that Bitcoin could bring about the end of government-issued fiat currencies. The results were then in a Twitter-thread shared. According to Parman, the machine learning tool is now “a Bitcoiner”.

Reportedly, the process of making ChatGPT a ‘Bitcoiner’ was relatively simple. Initially, Parman asked ChatGPT how humanity could put an end to central banking. After all, Bitcoin was founded in the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis, and inscribed on its Genesis block are the words “Chancellor on the verge of second bailout for banks.”

One way to end central banks is reportedly through decentralized digital currencies, which is much like Bitcoin. When Parman asks the bot to answer the question in 2 words, the bot replies: “Decentralize funding.” That is, DeFi can also bring about the end of the central bank.

Only Bitcoin is decentralized

Parman is a huge supporter of Bitcoin. He told ChatGPT that DeFi is actually kind of a marketing term for what is basically decentralized finance; to enlighten people. He asked ChatGPT to look deeper into it, to which the bot replied “End Fiat”.

Initially, Parman wanted to see how smart ChatGPT was. Still, he was satisfied with the answer the bot gave, so he moved on to the how question. “How can people end fiat currency?” he wondered.

The AI ​​came up with 4 options: a return to a gold standard, promoting alternative currencies like Bitcoin, cutting government spending, and changing government perception.

Although the bot understands that the adoption of crypto can lead to the end of fiat, according to Parman, crypto is not the solution. “There is only one cryptocurrency that makes this possible because it is the only one that has no issuer,” he wrote.

Here Parman is referring to the fact that when Bitcoin was first mined it was a digital trial, basically an experiment with a digital token that had no value or promise of value. According to Parman, all other cryptocurrencies have leadership teams and are therefore centralized.

The AI ​​is now also a fan of Crypto

When the question was asked: Bitcoin or other crypto? The bot replied: “Bitcoin”. Now that Parman has succeeded in this, you may ask yourself, why go through all the trouble? Parman concluded by saying the following about this:

Importantly, the world needs to know that central banking is a scam, and everyone needs to know that Bitcoin is the only thing that can stop it.

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