ChatGPT app for iOS is causing iPhones to overheat

After its release on May 18th, the openai app for ChatGPT generated some overheating and battery drain complaints.

Currently only available in the United States, the app acts as an interface to the popular chatbot, and while it doesn’t perform any of the intensive tasks of data computation and language generation on the device, app users have reported that it is causing excessive heating in their devices.

In this reddit thread some of the first cases of overheating of users’ iPhones are collected. While OpenAI recently released an update to the app that supposedly fixes these issues, reports of it overheating have continued ever since.

One of the funniest answers to the problem was that “this happens when you build ChatGPT app with ChatGPT”which, while not necessarily the case, is funny.

Some users theorized that the application is offloading a portion of its computing resources to Apple’s Neural Engine chipTherefore, performance was reported to be slightly faster on the iOS app than the web app.

Anyway, it’s clear that the ChatGPT app for iOS has some issues that must be resolved.

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