Charles Leclerc confronts Vasseur: total crisis at Ferrari

The Monegasque Formula 1 driver has new problems at the Italian team after his boss denies that they have started talks for renewal

Charles Leclerc and Ferrari continue to fight to be in tune, with the driver claiming preliminary talks for a new contract have started, while team principal Fred Vasseur insists they have not started. Known for his self-criticism, leclerc has sparked a change in mentality this season, rather than pointing fingers at himself, he now begins to direct criticism at his team, as Ferrari endures a very disappointing start to its 2023 F1 campaign.

The last point of contention arose at the Canadian Grand Prix, when Leclerc expressed his frustration at a new strategic error by Ferrari, which led to the elimination of Leclerc in Q2, and an internal apology from the driver after the situation was discussed. The seemingly growing tension between the team and the driver has led to speculation that Leclerc could leave Ferrari, with Aston Martin mentioned as a possible destination by 1996 world champion Damon Hill and Ralf Schumacher.

Leclerc has new problems with Vasseur

Possible contract renewal at Ferrari

mercedes boss Toto Wolff also said he was keeping a close eye on Leclerc for his long-term driver options, as Leclerc’s current contract with Ferrari runs until the end of 2024. Leclerc’s remarks ahead of the Austrian Grand Prix suggested he would stay with the Scuderia, stating that talks are “slowly ” going into action with Ferrari for a new contract, with the team he “loves”.

“We are slowly starting to talk about it, yes,” Leclerc said. “To be honest, it’s not really on my mind yet. When I say we slowly started talking about it, it’s just here and there, but nothing special, nothing specific. “I love Ferrari so I’m happy here.” In this way it is known that the future of the young man on the Formula 1 grid has not yet been specified.

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Internal contradictions at Ferrari

But while Leclerc claims that the first foundations are being laid for a new contract With Ferrari, Vasseur said he has made it clear to the managers of Leclerc and his teammate Carlos Sainz, who is also on contract until the end of 2024, that talks for new deals are not currently on the table. Instead, “during the summer” is the earliest he says either driver should expect such discussions to begin.

Asked why negotiations with Sainz have not started despite his desire to stay, Vasseur told Corriere della Sera: “18 months left, same goes for Charles. At this time, bringing up the subject of renovation would be distracting, I told your managers a couple of weeks ago. “The priority is that the drivers work together to develop the car. Then over the summer, or after, we’ll start talking.”

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