Charlene of Monaco: the princess in a “stable” state after illness and hospitalization in South Africa

Emergency hospitalized in South Africa after illness, Charlene of Monaco is in “stable” condition, her foundation said on Friday. An unease that thwarts the planned plans since the princess, who missed the return of her twins, was supposed to be back on the Rock soon, according to her husband Albert of Monaco.

Charlene of Monaco, originally from South Africa, was admitted Wednesday evening under a pseudonym in a hospital in Durban in Kwazulu-Natal (east). She went out on Friday morning.

“Her Serene Highness (SAS) Princess Charlene of Monaco was rushed to hospital by ambulance late Wednesday night to Thursday after collapsing due to complications from severe ear infection , nose and throat she contracted in May, ”the foundation said in a statement.

“The princess’s medical team is currently examining her but has confirmed that the princess is stable,” the South Africa-based organization added.

Charlene from Monaco has been in the country for several months, officially to recover from the infection she contracted.

She was due to undergo surgery last month, few details of which have been made public. Prince Albert and their children had come to join her during her convalescence. Recovering since, she had shared a few days later a series of photographs where she displayed a small face.

“She suffered a lot,” Chantell Wittstock, director of the foundation, told AFP.

Prince Albert was confident about his return

The international press people had recently revived speculations on a divorce or a separation of the princely couple, fueled by the prolonged absence of the princess on the rock. The couple’s ten years of marriage could not be celebrated in July in the Principality due to the princess’s absence.

Rather discreet on the estrangement of the princess until further notice, Prince Albert recently confided in the American magazine People and wanted to be confident. Sweeping aside rumors of a breakup, he even envisioned an early return of his wife. While the date of October had been mentioned, Albert of Monaco was optimistic, after having met during his last stay in South Africa the doctors who take care of Charlene.

“She is ready to go home,” he explained to our colleagues. “I know she may have said ‘end of October’, but that was before this last round of dates. I’m pretty sure we can shorten this time a bit, ”explained the father of Gabriella and Jacques, 6 years old.

Medical advice takes precedence

It would also seem that the ex-swimmer, stranded in South Africa since March due to an ENT infection which prevents her from taking the plane, is ready to do anything, according to her husband, to return to the principality and permanently reunite with her children, whom she has only seen on rare occasions in recent months.

“She said jokingly that she was ready to travel illegally on a ship to return to Europe”, explained the sovereign. Everything “depends on what his doctors say,” said Albert of Monaco. A return which obviously remains conditioned on a medical opinion, all the more so after this recent malaise.

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