Charge your smartphone or computer at 100 W with this Trust charger

Smartphones and computers are charging faster and faster. But the truth is that many of them no longer come with a charger included in the box. If you want to be sure in this regard, today we show you the right product.

We talk about the new charger trust max. It is a charger with USB-C output, capable of charging your devices up to 100W, if they bear this load. And of course, it carries much more than smartphones.

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You can count on it to charge a MacBook Pro, for example. But also to charge your iPad, a Steamdeck or a Nintendo Switch in their fastest charging modes.

The best part is that unlike other chargers, this one comes with a 2-meter-long USB-C cable included in the box. This gives you the flexibility and freedom to charge wherever you want.

maximum confidence

It follows the Trust’s ‘green’ ideology by being made from 75% recycled plastics. Apart from having an elegant design, it is also worth mentioning the fact that it is very compact and lightweight. It weighs 232 grams, and has dimensions of 105 x 29 x 70 mm. In it trusted website You can know all the details about the product.

maximum confidence

Rely on Maxo’s prices and availability

This is already available for pre-sale on Amazon in Spain for a price of €71.14, with shipments from March 13. However, there is also a 65W version, priced at €50.81and even the 45 W version priced at €40.65.

Learn more about pricing and shipping for the Trust Maxo 100W

Learn more about pricing and shipping for the Trust Maxo 65W

Learn more about pricing and shipping for the Trust Maxo 45W

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It should be noted that all these products have free shipping to Portugal, and you can return them up to 30 days after purchase.

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