Channels points to Valladolid

Sergio Canales outlined a perfect first half to lead Betis to victory against a consistent and courageous Valladolid. The Spaniard did almost everything before leaving the game at half-time: he gave Juanmi a magical assist and scored a penalty after Larin once again showed that the goal is up to him. With media Canales, in Heliópolis a dream called Champions. Perhaps still far away, but always present under Pellegrini’s plan. He Valladolid He slows down his takeoff despite a meritorious performance in which he almost always cherished the possibility of taking something from Villamarín.

Betis wanted to be intense from the start and it took a minute to expose it. Guido snatched the ball from Kike Pérez, handed it to Canales and he stopped time. He outlined a feint, looked into infinity and traced a measured inside pass for Juanmi’s diagonal run. The man from Malaga crossed Masip and awoke the jubilation of Villamarín. It was the scene dreamed of by the Pellegrini team. Pacheta’s multiplied fear. And that goal boosted the confidence of Betis and uncovered the doubts in a touched Valladolid. A little later, Canales found himself with the post by stretching endless pressure and putting Masip’s start in trouble.

Betis closed spaces and launched their attacks supported by superlative pressure. There he tried to resist Pacheta’s team. Fekir tested Masip and Ayoze tried to find his place without achieving the desired depth. But Pellegrini’s men found no signs of hitting under that brightness that plagued Valladolid. And the verdiblanco accelerator could not be activated forever. At that moment, after 20 minutes of support, the team from Valladolid took a step forward. Cyle Larin entered the fray to warn that his first ownership should not remain an anecdote. He missed his first header after a measured pass from Óscar Plano, but he did not forgive on his second chance: he recovered the ball by pressing William Carvalho in the midfield, teamed up with Kike and launched a run that culminated in a tight auction with the interior that dodged the stretch of Claudio Bravo. Valladolid made merits and Larin made them profitable.

Doubts caressed the Betis plan. The sensations went to the blanquivioleta side for Plata and Machís began to appear. Betis trembled when both found some space in their bands. Neither Sabaly nor Abner were able to establish a definitive brake, but Betis survived at times to those instants of enigmas. Ayozeperhaps the most lost piece on Villamarín until the first half discount, decided to launch a diagonal that found the collaboration of several Valladolid defenders and an unwanted hit from Hongla in the area. Canales raised his hand and executed the penalty seamlessly against Masip. It was his last gift to the duel before being traded. And what a gift.

Neither Betis nor Valladolid they varied too much after the break despite the fact that Canales and Machís stayed in the locker room. Luiz Henrique had the goal in a shot that Masip skillfully saved, while Larin continued to hunt for any cross that Luis Pérez or Olaza could draw. The spaces appeared as weariness entered the scene. Monchu warned Bravo with a free-kick that crashed into the post and Fekir threatened with the sentence in a counter when he crossed too far against Masip after dodging Hongla.

The final stretch invited Valladolid to raise your ambition. Juanmi ran into the post after a mistake by Olaza and Larin ran into Luiz Felipe on a good occasion inside the Betic area. The verdiblanco team trembled something at the closing doors. Bravo intervened after another great shot from Monchu. Betis began to find cons, but neither Luiz Henrique nor Willian José knew how to torment the unexpected premiere of Aceves at the goal of Valladolid. The young goalkeeper ended the clash in the green-and-white area in search of a shot that did not arrive. The points remained in the hands of a Betis that continues to dream of the Champions League. The blanquivioletas, meanwhile, see their impetus of the last days slowed down. At Villamarín Canales he made a difference. And he had half the duel left over.


Jawad El Jamik (45′, Darwin Machís), John Miranda (45′, Sergio Canales), Alvaro Aguado (45′, Javi Sanchez), Luis Henrique (45′, Abner), ivan sanchez (70′, Kike Perez), alvaro aceves (77′, Jordi Masip), Sergio Leon (79′, Oscar Plano), Joaquin (80′, Juanmi), willian joseph (80′, Ayoze Perez), edgar gonzalez (89′, Guido Rodríguez)


1-0, 1′: Juanmi1-1, 29′: Cyle Larin2-1, 48′: channels


Referee: Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz
VAR Referee: David Medié Jiménez, Iker De Francisco Grijalba
javier sanchez (4′,Yellow) Abner (11′,Yellow) Watery (54′,Yellow) Monchu (54′,Yellow) guido rodriguez (76′,Yellow) Louis Perez (78′,Yellow) hongla (88′,Yellow) edgar gonzalez (89′,Yellow)

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