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Channels are coming to WhatsApp worldwide

Channels are coming to WhatsApp worldwide

WhatsApp userson both iOS and Android, From now on, you will encounter a number of changes on the platform. The messaging appexpands its channel feature for delivered messages. It is about one One-way communication mode through which we can follow channels on any topic in the app and privately. This tool will be will be available to all users in more than 150 countries in the coming weeks.

This feature is in a separate tab from chats and others cannot see the channels we follow. In addition, personal information is protected from both administrators and followers.

New features of WhatsApp channels

With the global launch WhatsApp will have an improved directory to find channels based on your country. The list is sorted by New, Most Active, and Most Popular based on the number of followers. When users forward a channel update to a group or person, it includes a link back to the channel.

On the other hand, the company adds new reactions. Here’s how to react with emojis to give feedback and see the total number of reactions. The way we react is not visible to followers.

The app is an introduction for administrators the ability to edit a message for up to 30 days, when they are automatically removed from their servers. The company has even stated that it will add ways to make messages disappear from followers’ devices even faster. Admins also have the ability to block options for taking screenshots and forwarding content from the channel.

In June, Meta launched channels in Colombia and Singapore, where channels to create, learn and customize the experience have since been available. Expanding to more than 150 countries is just the beginning, WhatsApp will continue to add more features based on the feedback we receive from users. In the coming months, anyone will also be able to create a channel.

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