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Changes were made to British immigration laws

برطانیہ امیگریشن قوانین

Changes have been made to UK immigration laws, with the new rules coming into effect immediately.

According to ARY News, the Ministry of Immigration has imposed a ban on changing student visas, inter-graduate and post-graduate students will be banned from bringing dependents.

The Ministry of Immigration says that PhD students are exempted from this ban while they will be able to switch their visa after completing their undergraduate degree.

It should be noted that British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak announced a 20% increase in visa fees in the past few days, the decision will be applied to all types of visas including work permit and student visa.

He also announced an increase in health surcharge for immigrants, while the amount of health surcharge was increased from 624 pounds to 1 thousand 35 pounds per year.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sonak said that the discounted health surcharge for students and children will be 776 pounds per year, the visa fee will be used to increase the salaries of government employees.

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