Changes in the structure of F1

Changes in the structure of F1

The FIA ​​announces major restructuring changes within the Formula 1 organizational chart. After the first year as president of the organization and having reviewed the internal procedures of the organization, Mohammed Ben Sulayem He makes important decisions again before the start of the 2023 academic year. After “a transition period, the reorganization of the departments has been completed” and the highlight once again falls on the different managers of the work areas. Among them, FIA announces the appointment of Nikolas Tombazis as the new single-seater sporting director after his position in the F1 technical team since 2018 and on which the sports, technical, financial and strategy and operations director will report.

The next of the changes is for Steve Nielsen that, “after many years of collaboration with the FIA ​​in his previous position in the FOM” he joins the Federation to continue his close working relationship. He will do it as sports director with the objective of “supervising all sporting matters, including the ongoing development of Race Control and the Remote Operations Center, as well as future updates to the Sporting Regulations.” And, with the position of Tombazis, Tim Goss will add the position previously held by the Greek as technical director. As financial director of Formula 1, he will join Federico Lodi and, as director of strategy and operations for the World Cup, the FIA ​​will have Francois Sicard for “long-term strategic planning, as well as key track activities and logistics.”


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