Change of image: The Pumas and the UAR have new shields

The Argentine Rugby Union on the one hand and Los Pumas on the other… At least in terms of symbols. It is that the UAR presented this Monday its new institutional logo, disregarding the historical figure of the jaguar which identifies its emblem selection, which now has its own brand.

At the ceremony held at Casa Pumas, located in Ingeniero Maschwitz, the new logo of the UAR was presented, which has the following initials of the institution and outlined in an oval shape, unlike the now old shield that included the feline.

As it is, the new figure of Los Pumas (since the drawing of the animal no longer has spots, it now looks more like a puma than a jaguar) It will only be used by the National Team, Los Pumas 7s and the Under 20 team, Los Pumitas.

“Only these three selected will wear on the chest of the shirt the animal that distinguishes Argentine rugby. In this way, everyone who makes it to the national team will have a badge that is very different from all the others”, explained the president of the UAR, Gabriel Travaglini, during the presentation.

Meanwhile, and as its name indicates, the women’s team known as Las Yaguaretés kept the isologotype of the aforementioned animal.

Later, the former CASI player stated: “This is a historic change for the UAR and a change of identity for Los Pumas, as has been taking place in the Unions of the Southern and Northern hemispheres. Los Pumas players should see it positively, for this we are looking for, which is to give prestige to the national team and give them a practically exclusive identity.”

In a letter released by the UAR, the renewal process is detailed: “In recent times the UAR has grown in various aspects, in addition to the game, with new platforms, equipment, development, communication, among others. For all this, in our image we produce a change of identity, where we define a corporate logo to be used by all members of the Union”.

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“Once this was defined, the next step led us to return to our origins, where the emblem that identifies us since the historic tour of 1965, was used only by our senior national teamso that the Puma is used only by Los Pumas,” the statement added.

Later, the head of the Union added: “This gave us the opportunity to rearrange our logos. It was a process started with the identity development of our women’s team, Las Yaguaretésto later rearrange all our logos identifying the assets of the UAR”.

“We started with Los Pumas, Pumas 7s, Los Pumitas, Argentina XV, Jaguares, Pampas, the Conecta Rugby platforms, Rugby 2030, Rugby Seguro, the National Club Tournament, the Interior Tournament, the Regionals, the Republic Sevens, the Select 12 and the Argentino Juvenil”, specific.

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