Chandrachur Singh broke his silence on the boycott trend and said: It has become a fad…

The famous Bollywood actor Chandrachur Singh has returned to the OTT platform. Following the web series Arya, Chandrachur Singh is seen playing a major role in the movie CuttPutlli with Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar. Chandrachur Singh has recently spoken out about boycotting Bollywood culture. Chandrachur Singh said that this trend of boycotting movies has become a fad.

It’s worth noting that Chandrachur Singh and Akshay Kumar’s OTT movie CuttPutlli premiered on Disney Plus Hotstar on September 2. This movie is a suspense police thriller. In this, the character of Chandrachur Singh is said to be important. Meanwhile, in a recent interview with News18, Chandrachur Singh spoke about the boycott culture of Bollywood. Chandrachur Singh said that nowadays boycotting movies has become a fashion. Before a movie doesn’t come out, he starts his boycott on social media. But filmmakers need not worry because if the story of a movie is good, it will definitely reach the audience, no one can stop it. In such a situation, the boycott trend cannot affect any movie with a great story.

Continuing his point further, Chandrachur Singh has said that according to me, the reason behind the trend of boycotting movies is not listening carefully to celebrity interviews. Because what any artist says or talks through the interviews, some people start to boycott him for not listening to him at all. Because so far I have come to know that more cases of boycott tendencies have come to light during the interview itself. The strong story of the film cannot be lost in the face of such trends. If she is good, she will definitely go.

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