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Chanchal’s ‘Hawa’ in controversy, the actual artist is not named in the song

‘Hawa’ is one of the most commercially successful films of Bangladesh released in 2022. Apart from doing good business in the domestic market, the movie created a storm in other Bengal as well. There was a huge crowd, long queues at Nandan Chatwar to see Chanchal Chowdhury. The popular movie is now involved in controversy. Allegedly, the name of the lyricist Moniruddin Ahmed is not given in the song ‘Aatta Bazh Deri Karis Na…’. But the name of the artist is given in the credit list of the movie. That’s the noise online.

Biswajit Das, a member of the Birbhum district’s Bharatiya Kananatya Sangh, writes in this context, ‘Don’t be late at eight, the song’s lyricist and composer is Moniruddin Ahmed. Swapna Chakraborty, Aminur Rashid, Karthik Das Baul, Vasudev Das Baul, Jiten Nandi and many others have sung numerous songs written by him. Moniruddin Ahmed was an employee of Birbhum District Panchayat Office in West Bengal. At present Moniruddin Ahmed is 81 years old, lives in a house named Tuli Kalam in Siuri Lalkuthi Para.’

Biswajit also writes, “The sad thing is that the song ‘Hawa’ has gained popularity by being used in the movie, but the composer of the song, Moniruddin Ahmed, did not get his due respect. His name was not used and it was continued as a popular song. Why? On behalf of the writer, I am appealing to the director, producer and all the staff of the movie ‘Hawa’ to give proper status to the writer. The ‘Hawa’ team should have found out the correct information about the song and given due credit to the artist. We believe that ‘Hawa’ movie team will take quick action in this regard.”

Lyricist Moniruddin and his son Jamal

Meanwhile, lyricist Moniruddin’s elder son Jamal Ahmed commented on Biswajit’s post. He wrote, ‘Thank you very much Vishwajit Mahashay. To reveal the truth. I am Jamal Ahmed, elder son of Moniruddin Sahib. I salute protesting friends like you. Greetings Facebook friends.’

Moniruddin, the author of the song, said that he wrote the song in 1986. There was also a cassette about it, in which his name was given. But the name was not used in the movie ‘Hawa’. The artist only wants his name to be used in the credit list of the movie.

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