Champion Wood

Pedro Acosta He is not the first Spanish motorcycling world champion: 21 other riders have already done it before, since Angel Nieto opened in 1969 a glorious list that adds 55 world crowns. Nor is it the first to Moto3 or its equivalent of 125cc, where 20 titles had already been achieved, the last of Albert Arenas, last year. He is not even the young Spaniard who has achieved the greatest sporting success in 2021, in a course in which other values ​​have excelled in a higher echelon to the third division of his sport, such as Alberto Gines, Olympic gold with 18 years; Adriana Cerezo, silver with 17; Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image, who rubs shoulders with the best rackets at 18, and Juan Ayuso, who conquered the Giro Sub-23 at 18, in addition to team players such as Pedri, Gavi, Yeremi Pino, Garuba, Aldama

Then why Acosta’s title is considered more transcendent than others conquered by other emerging pilots in the same category? There is an empirical explanation: the Mazarrón Shark it has been proclaimed champion while breaking several records. Nobody had managed to chain four podiums in their first four races in the World Cup. No one had scored three consecutive victories when he was still 16 years old. And for the record, Moto3 champions have been crowned at the level of Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez. Now he has risen to the top with 17 years and 166 days, which is a Spanish record, although not absolute, because Loris Capirossi He did it with one day less, but it also describes the imposing future that looms on the horizon. And then there is another explanation that cannot be measured with results, which is the perception or intuition that Acosta has the wood of a champion, of a vintage pilot … His victory in Qatar 2, after an epic comeback from pit lane, has already uncovered an essence that will be confirmed over the years. Acosta has something special.

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