You must have seen Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Chak De India released in the year 2007. There will hardly be any Bollywood fan who has missed this movie. ‘Chak De India’, which is considered one of the best movies in the list of sports movies made in Bollywood, had left such a mark on the hearts of the audience, that even after 14 years, people have not forgotten it and he has forgotten. any of this movie to the character.

Shahrukh Khan in the film did a wonderful job with all the actresses who became his soccer player, and among them Komal Chautala, who had a different light boat. Due to her attitude, she played the role of the youngest girl her age. Even today, when people refer to Komal Chautala, a girl like a Tom boy wearing a white headband comes to mind, but do you know that Komal, who became the girl from Haryana in the movie, is has become quite glamorous now?

Komal’s real name is ‘Chitrashi Rawat’. Chitrashi is very active on social media and keeps sharing more than one photo of herself on Instagram. In the last 14 years, Komal has changed so much that looking at her photo, even for two minutes, you will be confused that it is the same Komal. You yourself see the photos of the actress.

Fans also comment on Chitrashi’s photos and praise her a lot and like her very much. Let us tell you that Chitrashi made her Bollywood debut with Chak De India. After that, she appeared in many other movies, although she was not recognized more than this character in any movie.



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