Chainlink (LINK) price expected to fall into the green buy zone

In this article, we examine Chainlink (LINK). This analysis from our premium member environment provides insight into LINK’s latest trends and price movements and what they may mean for your investment strategy.

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New entry opportunities for Chainlink (LINK)

Crypto Insiders analysts recently published a new LINK analysis in the Premium environment. They highlighted the following points:

“LINK appears to be moving in an ABC Elliott wave pattern. Until recently, it followed an uptrend channel with the price staying exactly within these lines. However, there was recently a breakout at the bottom of this trend channel.

Based on our analysis, we initially expect a recovery to the 61.8% Fibonacci level, which is around $15.43. But be vigilant because after this recovery we expect a drop into the green buy zone, which is between $11.7 and $13.

From this area, we expect a strong increase that could potentially push the price to $18. So we are still bearish in the short term, but this picture will change once we enter the green buy zone.”

Date of analysis: December 12th. Link to trading view:

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