The second qualifying match of IPL 2022 will be played between Rajasthan Royals and Royal Challengers Bangalore. This match to be played in Ahmedabad will be important for both teams. The team that wins this match will play the final on May 29. Gujarat Titans have already reached the finals this season. In this match between Rajasthan and Bangalore, you can see an interesting competition between Dinesh Karthik and Yuzvendra Chahal.

The match seen between Chahal and Karthik on the pitch so far has been exciting. Although Chahal has always been heavy on this. Looking at the logs, it looks like Chahal tied Karthik’s hands. Chahal has sacked Karthik three times in the last 10 innings. Along with this, his average was only 12.66. Therefore, in the second qualifier as well, the eyes of the fans will be on Chahal and Karthik.

If we look at Chahal’s performance at IPL 2022, he has been strong. Chahal has taken 26 wickets in the last 15 games this season. During this, his best performance has been taking 5 wickets for 40 runs. At the same time, Karthik has also given an effective performance. Karthik has led RCB to victory in many important matches. He has scored 324 runs in 15 games this season. During this, he has also marked half a century.


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