CFD Trading: How to Choose the Best CFD Trading Platform

CFD Trading: How to Choose the Best CFD Trading Platform

All experienced traders know that one of the best ways to profit is to trade CFDs. If you are new to trading, you probably wonder what CFDs are and how to choose a good CFD trading platform for maximum returns, right?

Well, CFD is an acronym for Contract of Difference. It is a contract whereby the parties involved agree that the buyer has to pay the difference between the asset’s prevailing value and its value when the agreement is made. The idea is to give traders a chance to profit from market volatility without taking ownership of the underlying asset.

CFDs have grown in popularity because they give traders several advantages that they would not enjoy from directly trading an asset.

Advantages of trading CFDs

Magnifying gains

Unlike owning an asset directly, when you trade CFDs, it is possible to trade with more than you have in your account. This helps magnify gains. However, you also need to know that losses are also magnified, so it is best only to trade CFDs when you fully understand how to use them.

You can go short at any time.

Some markets, such as the stock markets, have regulations that make shorting hard. This is not the case with CFDs, though. With a CFD, you short the market at any time. This is perfect for traders who want to profit from the markets at any time in the day.

There are many other advantages to trading CFDs, but these two are the most important.

CFD Trading: How to Choose the Best CFD Trading Platform

How to choose a CFDs trading platform

To get the most out of CFDs trading, you need to choose the best platform. Choosing a CFD trading platform as your platform is not that hard, though. You need to look for certain key strong points in a platform, and you are good to go. Among the key features to look for in a CFD trading platform are as below:

Protection of newbie traders

As mentioned above, CFD trading allows traders to magnify gains. While this is a perfect feature, it also comes with magnified losses, and for inexperienced traders, this can be catastrophic.

When choosing a CFD trading platform, make sure to go for one that has an element of responsibility to inexperienced traders. This would be most evident in how much they allow traders to magnify their gains.

The best CFD trading platforms allow magnified traders only to the extent that they do not prey on inexperienced traders’ gullible nature. This is an indicator of how ethical a platform is, and how they are likely to treat you in other matters.

They provide demo accounts.

When choosing a CFD trading account, go for one that gives you a demo trading account. While most CFD accounts now offer demo accounts, go for one that offers one for a prolonged time. Most of them do so for only a few months; then, they terminate such accounts.

A CFD trading platform that allows you to play with virtual money for as long as you want helps in perfecting trading techniques. It indicates that the platform cares for its users and wants them to be profitable long term. That’s a sign of an ethical platform, one that you can count on for support in your CFD trading journey.

Diversity in trading assets

The best CFD trading platforms have a wide range of trading instruments. This is important because the more comprehensive the pool of tradable assets, the better the odds of finding good trades.


CFDs have, over the years, become one of the most popular tools for investors looking to profit from price fluctuations in forex, stocks, and commodities. That’s because they allow investors to take part in trading without holding the underlying asset. However, CFD trading is risky, and you need to choose a CFD trading platform that has an element of responsibility in protecting the interests of traders.


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