Césars 2024: Consecration of Anatomy of a Fall and Raphaël Quenard, The Animal Kingdom in Ambush

Equipped with a list of feature films that is quite interesting from a diversity perspective Caesar’s 2024 announced their verdict in the evening Friday, February 23rd. 1.86 million viewers were in front of their screens to watch the various winners of this year and the great celebration of French cinema.

It is very natural that the film Anatomy of a fall from Justine Triet was the big winner of the César. After I found out Palme d’Or, Golden Globes and BAFTAThe feature film won the most prestigious awards: Best Film, Best Director Justine Trietthe best actress for Sandra HuellerBest Supporting Actor for Swann Arlaud, best original screenplay and best editing. A good omen for the start of his epic Oscars ! Other notable big winners from the evening: Raphaël Quenard And Adele Exarchopoulous. The former, three times nominated and the new darling of French cinema, took home the César for best male revelation. The runner-up wins best supporting actress for the touching film by Jeanne HenryI will always see your faces.

Another big winner, the magnificent one animal kingdom from Thomas Cailley Raids technical prices. The feature film wins the prizes Best special effects, best costumes, best cinematography, best sound and best original music. Here is the full list:

Best movie

  • Attributed to “Anatomy of a Fall,” Justine Triet
  • Other nominees: “Scrapyard Dog,” “I Will Always See Your Faces,” “The Goldman Trial,” “The Animal Kingdom”

Best Director

  • Credited to Justine Triet for “Anatomy of a Fall.”

Best Actress

  • Attributed to Sandra Hülser in “Anatomy of a Fall”
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Best actor

  • Attributed to Arieh Worthalter in the “Goldman Trial.”

The best supporting actress

  • Attributed to Adèle Exarchopoulos in “I Will Always See Your Faces”

Best supporting actor

  • Attributed to Swann Arlaud in “Anatomy of a Fall.”

Best male revelation

  • Attributed to Raphaël Quenard in Scrapyard Dog

Best Foreign Film

  • Attributed to “Simple as Sylvain,” Monia Chokri

Best first film

  • Attributed to “Scrapyard Dog,” Jean-Baptiste Durand

Best Animated Film

  • Attributed to “Linda Wants Chicken!” », Chiara Malta and Sébastien Laudenbach

Best Documentary

  • Attributed to “Les Filles d’Olfa”, Kaouther Ben Hania

Best Original Screenplay

  • Credited to Justine Triet and Arthur Harari for “Anatomy of a Fall.”

Best adaptation

  • Credited to Valérie Donzelli and Audrey Diwan, for “Love and Forests”

Best Original Music

  • Attributed to Andrea Laszlo De Simone, for “The Animal Kingdom”

Best sound

  • Credited to Fabrice Osinski, Raphaël Sohier, Matthieu Fichet and Niels Barletta for The Animal Kingdom

Best photo

  • Credited to David Cailley, for “The Animal Kingdom”

Best editing

  • Credited to Laurent Sénéchal, for “Anatomy of a Fall”

Best costumes

  • Attributed to Ariane Daurat, for “The Animal Kingdom”

Best decors

  • Credited to Stéphane Tailasson for “The Three Musketeers (Parts 1 and 2)”

Best visual effects

  • Credited to Cyrille Bonjean, Bruno Sommier and Jean-Louis Autret for The Animal Kingdom

Best Animated Short Film

  • Attributed to “Summer 96”, Mathilde Bédouet

Best Documentary Short Film

  • Attributed to “Fluid Mechanics,” Gala Hernandez Lopez

Best Feature Short Film

  • “L’Attente”, attributed to Alice Douard

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