Home Sports César Emilio Peralta “El Abusador” ordered to kill David Ortiz, reveals investigation

César Emilio Peralta “El Abusador” ordered to kill David Ortiz, reveals investigation

César Emilio Peralta "El Abusador" mandó a matar a David Ortiz, revela investigación

Dominican baseball player David Ortiz, a member of the Hall of Fame, he was ordered to be assassinated by the drug trafficker César Emilio Peralta "Caesar the Abuser"according to the private investigation that the player ordered and that was in charge of the former Boston Police Commissioner, Ed Davis.

The results of the investigation were published this Saturday exclusively by the Boston Globe newspaper. The Davis investigation occupied him for six months.

The past commissioner said that "the powerful and politically connected drug trafficker Cease "The abuser" Peralta" he came to feel disrespected by Ortizwhich led him to put a bounty on the Boston Red Sox player’s head.

“Peralta said he shot David,” Davis said in an interview, citing information he said US agents gathered and shared with him.

Ortiz, in a phone call from the Dominican Republic, said he was “sad, confused, angry, with all kinds of emotions” when he received the news from Davis, according to the Boston newspaper.

Also participating in the investigation was Ric Prado, a former high-ranking CIA official.

The Dominican baseball player He was shot in June 2019 at the Dial bar, of Santo Domingo Este, in the province of Santo Domingo, in an operation that the Dominican authorities described as an error in the objective.

Ortiz went so far as to reveal that he lived in the same building as the "abuser" and that he ended up selling his apartment to avoid any crossroads with the aforementioned drug trafficker.

Against "The abuser" A capture operation was unleashed in the month of August of that same year, 2019, but the man escaped from the Dominican authorities. He was arrested in December in Colombia, from where he was later extradited to Puerto Rico, in view of an extradition request that existed for accusations of drug trafficking In the call "Island of the charm".

In January of this 2022 the Dominican David Ortiz was inducted into the Hall of Fame for his career with the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox.

Ortiz entered in the first round and became the first designated hitter in history to enter his first year of eligibility.

When he was shot in Santo Domingo in 2019, Ortiz was treated at the Abel González Clinic and then transferred to Boston, in the United States, where he underwent several surgeries until he fully recovered.


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