CEO of Mercedes fuels the duel Fernando Alonso

The leader of the German team has started a personal war against the Asturian driver

In the Formula 1, duels are also experienced off the slopes and a clear example is the war that the CEO of Mercedes Toto Wolff, against the pilot of the Alpine Fernando Alonso. The businessman and manager of the German team attacked the Spaniard and sent him several darts regarding a statement that is circulating in the international press.

According to Wolff, several media have dared to say that any pilot aboard the W12, (Mercedes 2021 car) has everything to win. They have even expressed that if Alonso were there, he would go Leader of the contest this year. These statements have felt so bad for the CEO, that he has not had anyone to vent to, and has been dispatched against the Asturian.

Fernando Alonso Mercedes
Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff said it is disappointing that Alonso only has two world titles under his belt.

The CEO of Mercedes has started a dirty and unjustified war against Fernando Alonso

The Alpine rider has had nothing to do with the statements that have circulated through various international media attached to Formula 1. However, Totto Wolff has been dispatched against him. In the first place, he has belittled Alonso’s professional career, stating that it is “disappointing” that he only has two world titles.

Then he referred to the press statements in which they name Lewis Hamilton’s car and relate to Alonso. “I believe that only when he retires will people understand the magnitude of his achievements. People who say he could be champion with Lewis’s car… Well, why aren’t they in Lewis’s car? Why did he switch from McLaren to Mercedes in 2013? It was a brave move. There are several examples, even now, of people who went before for the money than for the car ”. Wolf sentenced.

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For the CEO of Mercedes, Fernando Alonso is not a rival of weight in the title of Formula 1 2021

In his unjustified war, the Austrian pointed out that they do not see the Spanish driver as a potential rival, because right now the leader is the Dutchman Max Verstappen. In fact, he pointed out that the contest will be agitated until the last race of the competition, which will be at the Yas Marina Circuit track in Abu Dhabi.

“Twice in the past we witnessed such a dynamic between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, and also between Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve. I will never give one of my riders an order to touch another to eliminate him … but if the last race is reached with this tension, with the title at stake, I cannot exclude that they touch ”declared the CEO of the team German.

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