Francisco López, CEO of Lopesan Hotel Group, President Luis Abinader and Minister David Collado held a meeting at the DATE 2022 to strengthen the ties of collaboration, and at the same time talk about the Group’s new investments.

The Lopesan Group plans develop the “La Ceiba” hotel in which around 225 million euros will be invested as part of the second phase of the Dominican property. This new development will have 1,204 rooms, for a total of 2,246 between the La Ceiba and Lopesan Costa Bávaro hotels.

“With the La Ceiba hotel we concluded the development in Bávaro beach, since with it we completed the second stage of construction. You know the first one and it is the Lopesan Costa Bávaro, which has had an excellent reception from the tour operators and the local public”, said Francisco López.

In recent years the The Lopesan Group invested over US$350 million in the country in the construction of the “Lopesan Costa Bávaro Resort, Spa & Casino” hotel, which has 1,042 hotel rooms, generates 1,350 direct jobs and around three thousand indirect jobs.


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