Central Bank concludes “Economic and Financial Week 2023” with the Economists of the Future award

The Central Bank completed the ninth "Economic and Financial Week"an activity that forms part of its social responsibility program "Central Classroom for economic and financial education"with the assistance of more than 5,000 boys and girlswith an average of more than a thousand visitors per day, belonging to 90 educational centers throughout the country.

This activity is part of the Global Money Week global campaign, which is celebrated simultaneously in more than 80 countries and which, in the Dominican Republic, was carried out in coordination with the ‘Child & Youth Finance International’ foundation and the participation of 41 national institutions. .

Economists of the Future
the contest "Economists of the Future" It is one of the commitments of the Central Bank to encourage economic and financial research in the student population.

The activity is aimed at High school seniors from public and private educational centers, who present themselves in groups making a presentation, which on this occasion had as its theme “Inflation: origin, types, measurement, causes, consequences, monetary policy measures to combat it”.

The prizes for the winning groups consist of: First place, a 13-inch MacBook Pro for each student and a bonus of RD$50,000 for the professorr; second place, an iPad Pro for each student and a bonus of RD$45,000 for the teacher; and third place, an iPad mini for each student and a bonus of RD$40,000 for the teacher.

The relationship of schools and winners in this ninth edition it was: first place, Jaime Molina Mota school, represented by the students Emma Ortiz Lalane, Eduardo Matos Pérez and Isabel Peña Mota, accompanied by professor Héctor Molina; second place corresponded to the De La Salle school (Santiago), made up of the students Miguel Rodríguez García, Iván Paiewonsky Cruz and Alan Tejada Ovalle, supervised by Ana Teresa Castillo; and third place was won by the Apec Fernando Arturo de Meriño school, made up of the young Albelis Mateo Tejada, Minerva Polanco Sánchez and Cristal Rodríguez Herrera, accompanied by Professor Tomas Heredia.

transmit knowledge
During the award ceremony, the governor of the BCRD, Héctor Valdez Albizu, stressed that “the spirit and vocation of the #sefBCRD and the ‘Economists of the Future’ contest is to transmit knowledge, create awareness, and encourage research on the subject of inflation and its importance for the economy and people’s lives”.

AI and communication
Among the activities carried out, a conference on “Artificial Intelligence: from tendency to reality. Its impact on communicationwhich was given by the international expert Luisa Alli Turrillaswho in 2019 and 2021 was recognized as the most admired communication director in Spain, and one of the 100 most influential women in her country.

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Currently, he is vice president of the board of directors of Dircom Spain and is part of the Advisory Council of the Master in Corporate Reputation at the University of Navarra, where he is also a visiting professor, work that he also does at the European University and at EAE Business School.

In his dissertation, Alli Turrillas masterfully exposed the current connection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the field of efficient communication within the framework of public and private institutions, establishing a link that in current times is indissoluble.

He said that Artificial Intelligence offers many opportunities to the world of journalism and communication, especially in relation to Natural Language Processing (NLP) that processes textual commands (spoken or written) in a natural language for humans, just as we would speak. among us.

“In any process of transformation, of incorporating something new into a person’s life, one goes through a transition curve and different states of mind, ranging from frustration, fear to hope and the joy of achievement. Incorporating a new technology into our day to day is a process that requires a lot of communication”, Indian.

In this version of the "Economic and Financial Week" In addition to the host Central Bank, the associations Bancos Múltiples de la República Dominicana (ABA), Cibao de Ahorros y Préstamos, de Instituciones Rurales de Ahorros y Préstamos (AIRAC), Duarte de Ahorros y Préstamos, La Nacional de Ahorros y Préstamos, participated, in addition to the host Central Bank, La Vega Real (ALAVER), Peravia Savings and Loans, and Popular Savings and Loans.

Also, the banks Ademi, Adopem, BDI, BHD, Banesco, Banfondesa, Banreservas, Caribe, Development and Exports (BANDEX), López de Haro, Múltiple Activo Dominicana, Popular, Promérica, Santa Cruz, Unión, QIK Banco Digital Dominicano and Scotiabank.

In addition, the Dominican Republic Stock Market, the Fiscal Policy and Management Training Center (Capgefi), the General Directorates of Government Accounting (Digecog) and General Internal Taxes (DGII), the Dominican League of Savings Associations and Loans, the Ministries of Economy, Planning and Development, Finance, and Industry, Commerce and Mypimes; the National Statistics Office (ONE), Pro-Dominicana, the Superintendencies of Banks, Pensions, and the Stock Market; TRANSUNION and VISA.


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