Cementos Argos, the first cement company in the Dominican Republic to receive the Igualando RD

Dominican Argos, producer and marketer of cement and concrete company with more than 27 years of experience on the island, celebrates its accreditation of the bronze level seal of the Gender Equality Seal for companies and organizations Igualando RDbecoming the first company in its field in the country to obtain it.

   The Igualando RD Seal is a regional and global initiative of UNDPwhich is led in the Dominican Republic by the Ministry of Women, with the purpose of transforming the work structures and the management of human resources in a fair and equitable manner, making the company an active part in the search for solutions that allow Eliminate the inequalities and gaps faced by the majority of women.

This process ensures that women and men have the same opportunities to access training and leadership positions based on people’s competencies.

The seal initiative encourages companies and organizations to incorporate into their management good labor practices mainly in the areas of conciliation of work and family life, access to work, equal pay, elimination of discrimination associated with sexual and labor harassment, among others.

For Argos, receiving this recognition is the result of its commitment to increasingly be an equitable company and to offer decent jobs, optimal work environments and job opportunities free of bias.

In this evaluation, the recruitment and personnel selection practices, remuneration and compensation, internal and external communication, the organization’s profile and productivity were highlighted.

    "We are convinced that gender equity and inclusion bring excellent benefits to our operation and contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous society. We reaffirm our commitment to closing the gaps that will bring us closer to being more inclusive, especially in a predominantly masculinized industry, and we will continue working with conviction to achieve it,” said Jorge David Pérez, General Director of Agos Dominicana.

“We are proud of this recognition! At Argos Dominicana we are a company that firmly believes in the power of equal opportunities, regardless of a person’s gender, and therefore we ratify this commitment to continue improving and making Cementos Argos a great place to work”, added Melba. Nin, People Director of Argos in the Caribbean.

With this recognition, the cement company reaffirms its commitment to closing gender gaps in the labor market and to continue building dreams of housing and infrastructure that enable a more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive society in the Dominican Republic.

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