Celtics Fans Hit the Streets of Boston

The city of Boston turned green on Friday to celebrate the Boston Celtics’ 18th NBA championship title, with rivers of enthusiastic fans cheering on their players as they navigated the streets in traditional “duck boats”.

The New England team, with the best record of championships in the NBA, had secured the title after beating the Dallas Mavericks 4-1. It had been 16 years since the team had won a championship.

Despite the unpredictable public transport in the city, fans from all over the city gathered to celebrate the team’s victory. Many fans, including teenagers and three-generation families, shouted “Let’s go Celtics” as they celebrated in the heat.

Beer had started flowing early in the Irish pubs that dot the central streets of Boston along the Charles River. Trucks and other vehicles part of the parade sounded their horns and pumped confetti, joining the traditional “duck boats” that the Celtics use to share with their fans when they win a title.

The “duck boats” are amphibious vehicles that typically carry tourists through the city’s interesting sites, including a boat ride along the river. Due to their beloved retro look and functionality for this type of event, the “duck boats” have also been used by other city teams such as the Patriots, Red Sox, and Bruins in their celebrations.

At times, the vigorous Celtic melodies that typically liven up games at TD Garden were combined with the anthem and talisman of the Red Sox: “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond.

“It’s not about the Celtics or the Red Sox. It’s all about Boston and we’re all here to celebrate Boston,” defended Wilfred, a bricklayer from a nearby construction site who took his lunch break watching the parade.

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Derrick White, climbing onto one of the amphibious boats, carried his son in his arms, the one who has been the only reason he has missed a game with the Celtics. Al Horford, wearing a cowboy hat, also held one of his daughters in his arms, whom he later left to celebrate with his father, the former basketball player Titus Horford and number one fan who doesn’t miss a game at TD Garden.

Jaylen Brown harangued the fans, who shouted “MVP, MVP, MVP”. Kristap Porzingis wore the red and white flag of his country as a scarf. Jayson Tatum displayed and kissed the champions trophy for the people. Some fans threw small bottles of liquor at the players, and Porzingis did not hesitate to try some.

He could be seen especially proud, making a fuss to coach Joe Mazzulla, who took the reins of the team accidentally after the dismissal of the previous leader Ime Udoka and at 35 years old has managed to return glory to Boston.

“This is too exciting. It makes her feel like she’s from here,” said Damaris, an Ecuadorian mother dressed in Tatum’s 0 and accompanied by her three young children dressed in green t-shirts.

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