Celta’s strategy to get the best out of Cádiz CF by Renato Tapia

The Celtic offices are aware of the great interest in the Peruvian midfielder in the Cadista environment. What follows now is to get the maximum possible profit from the issue of a discard for Rafa Benítez.

While we wait to see what can happen with Gabri Veiga, Renato Tapia is another midfielder ready to leave RC Celta with a possible route there Cadiz CF. For Rafa Benítez, new helmsman of the Galician set This season, the presence of the Inca midfielder is neither a concern nor important for him. In other words, the man from Madrid has no plans for this course.

Proof that Renato Tapia no longer plays a crucial role in the Celtic team is the minutes he has played this season, namely zero. On the other hand, Cadiz CF hope the South American midfielder will be sacked more easily as he is a farewell song for the former Everton manager. What they don’t know is that Carlos Mouriño is using a tactic to demand more money for the Incas.

Cadiz Renato Tapia
Renato Tapia will play against Real Madrid, leading Cádiz to believe that the midfielder still counts for Rafa Benítez.

Cadiz CF are waiting for Renato Tapia to join RC Celta

Although the former Feyenoord is yet to make his debut this season, he could play no more and no less than Real Madrid today. While it might not seem like it, this is the Celtic president’s strategy to increase the player’s price. The idea is that the Cádiz club assume that the Peruvian will be used by Benítez, so they make a higher investment.

The truth is that in the Cadista club they have set an economic limit for signing since they have made large investments in new salaries. The key to the operation lies in what Sergio González has to say about whether he really needs Tapia’s services. But they need to make a decision quickly as another club with the same intentions is very close.

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Cadiz has a rival for Renato Tapia

The surprise came from Manuel Vizcaíno (Cadista President) when he realized they were not alone in bringing the Peruvian midfielder into play. So unless they rush to complete the maneuver Girona could win the signing of the former Willem. On this occasion, Míchel is 100% sure that the 28-year-old player is the missing piece in his core plan.

After the departure of Oriol Romeu, the Madrid coach failed to attract this player to this role. But when he became aware of Renato Tapia’s situation, he didn’t hesitate to inform Quique Cárcel about the possibility of a transfer. The clock is ticking and while the Incas prepare to play the merengue team today, Cadiz prepares its strategy.

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