Celta punishes a Real who plays with fire again

Imanol Alguacil ended the game in Cornellá very angry last Monday, because his Real Sociedad was not able to kill the game when he had it in his hand. And then the game was 0-3, it ended 2-3 and asking for the time. It was a warning to sailors from which it seems that he did not draw any lessons. Because he repeated the move against Celta de Vigo, but this time with a deserved punishment, because he was not able to take advantage of the fact that the team from Vigo played with one less due to the expulsion of Renato Tapia in minute 68. By then, Real was leading 1-0 with Oyarzabal’s early goal after a neat first half. But he left a Celta alive who was making merits to tie the game. He returned to play with fire, and the brave team from Vigo made him pay dearly in discount with a goal from Le Normand after a shot from Iago Aspas, who until then was going unnoticed, but who reappeared when his team needed him most. La Real did not play their best game and they were not able to kill the game when they had chances to do so; Celta remained on their feet until the end, risked a lot and ended up adding a more than deserved prize. The Vigo escape a point of relegation. The people from San Sebastian are also one point closer to their dream of the Champions League, although the result left a bitter residue at the Reale Arena.

Celta de Vigo started with great verve and strength, with a clear chance of a goal by Carles Pérez, after a good wall with Iago Aspas that forced Álex Remiro to intervene successfully. He had given almost no time to sit in his locality for the fans of the Reale Arena. The San Sebastian team had some doubts because Celta had taken the ball from them at the beginning, but then Kubo and Oyarzabal arrived, and one of those kickbacks that must be put in soccer schools. Fantastic ball theft in the midfield with a very accurate pressure from Illarramendi and Brais Méndez, pass in a three-quarter line for Kubo and a pass between the lines for the arrival of Oyarzabal with an advantage to shoot Iván Villar with his left leg, who did not cover his short stick well. Great goal from Real with a perfect execution that served to change the sign of the game.

Then doubts entered the Vigo team and the people from San Sebastian grew to begin to take over the game as well, at the same time that they also dominated on the scoreboard. Real denatured Celta, who lost their hallmarks, had trouble being fluent with the ball and it was Real who was increasingly comfortable on the pitch. He was able to tie, yes, Larsen with a header to which Remiro responded well. But he’s already there, nothing more. La Real slept the game and until the break they played what Imanol Alguacil’s team wanted, although the team from Vigo arrived alive at half-time, with a whole second half to react.

And he took advantage of it. Celta reacted, coming out better on the pitch again after the break, but this time it lasted until the end. Better placed on the pitch, he was able to nullify Real, which already had a hard time having the ball and dominating the game. The people from Vigo prowled Remiro’s goal more, because they took a step forward and risked more. This caused the royalists to find spaces behind the Celta defense, and they also came dangerously, with clear shots from Oyarzabal, Kubo and Zubimendi That they could have changed the dynamics of the second half. But the game was more on the side of Celta, who even had to overcome the inexplicable expulsion of Renato Tapia, who barely spent seven minutes on the pitch. Real did not take advantage of it, who played with one more from the 68th minute of the game. He did not give Celta the last straw, he left him alive and played with fire. He had warned Imanol in Cornellá, complaining that the parties are not killed. And Celta made him pay dearly. Iago Aspas, very subdued until then, came on and was able to score from midfield before the passivity of the Real players. It was a first notice. The second did not forgive, with the help of Le Normand, although the Frenchman did not want to be clear. In the discount, he found the prize deserved by Celta with a shot from Aspas that Le Normand put into his own goal in his clearance attempt. Double prize. For Celta for his insistence, for Real for playing with fire, once again, and this time with punishment. Soccer, sometimes, is fair. In the Reale Arena, although in that way, it was. Fair distribution of points.


Haris Seferovic (45′, Jørgen Strand Larsen), Mikel Merino (62′, Asier Illarramendi), Renato Tapia (67′, Fran Beltran), Oscar Rodriguez (67′, Luca de la Torre), Franco Cervi (82′, Carles Perez), Pablo Marin (82′, Takefusa Kubo), robert navarro (82′, Brais Mendez), Alex Sola (87′, Ander Barrenetxea), Carlos Fernandez (87′, Alexander Sorloth)


1-0, 4′: oyarzabal1-1, 92′: Le Normand


Referee: Miguel Angel Ortiz Arias
VAR Referee: César Soto Grado, Isidro Díaz de Mera Escuderos
Martin Zubimendi (45′,Yellow) Carlos Perez (53′,Yellow) unai nunez (57′,Yellow) sorloth (58′,Yellow) barrenetxea (60′,Yellow) Renato Tapia (73′,Yellow) Renato Tapia (74′,Red) Seferovic (90′,Yellow)

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