Celta de Vigo Rafa Benítez finished Celta: Giráldez warms up Wilmer Ayala – January 26, 2024 – 7:00 p.m

The only people who have vigorously defended the continuity of the Madrid coach at Club Celtiña are gradually changing their minds.

The specter of relegation continues to haunt RC Celta, where fans are clamoring for the sacking of coach Rafa Benítez. Although there are several players who bear enormous responsibility for the recent defeats, including the Copa del Rey exit, it is the coach who bears the brunt of the blame for the situation.

There are several important players in the Galician club who do not agree with Rafa Benítez's actions. In addition, the majority of Celtismo (not to say all) no longer believe in the capital coach's methods and have surpassed trust and patience.. But the general management supports or supports the continuity of the former Everton.

EGD Celtic
Once again Rafa Benítez apologizes in the press conferences after Celta's poor results.

Ultimatum to Rafa Benítez regarding his dismissal

Nobody understands why the executive committee, along with the other board members, did not sign the coach's departure. Once again, they have given him another opportunity to try and get the team out of the bad patch they have been going through since the start of LaLiga.. A situation that has angered many Celtic fans.

Marián Mouriño said it at the beginning of the campaign and he says it again: “Removing Benítez will cost Celta a fortune.” But when it comes to general club interests such as staying in the top flight, we have to act, and quickly. The next duels will be very intense for the coaching staff, as their positions are also at stake.

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Giráldez continues to wait for Rafa Benítez to leave

Celtismo can no longer stand the Madrid coach, who already has 11 defeats, 8 draws and 7 wins, including only 3 in LaLiga EA Sports. A rather weak season in which the Celtiña team is in 16th place and is only 2 points away from getting back into the relegation zone. If they continue this consistent line, the Galician team will be among those who say goodbye to the first division at the end of the season.

Nobody around Celtic wants this result, but if the presidency and sports management don't act quickly it could be too late if they want to change the coaching staff. From now on they ask for the name Claudio Giráldez, since the Porriñés have done an excellent job at Celta Fortuna marches in third place in the First RFEF table.

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