Celta de Vigo Claudio Giráldez will find a job if Rafa Benítez is not fired Andrés Guzmán – January 31, 2024 – 9:30 am

There are suggestions from those around the outstanding coach of the heavenly club’s subsidiary that would distance him from Balaídos

Claudio Giráldez made headlines at RC Celta due to his great performance in the Vigo B team. And his work with the youth team was impeccable, which is why there was often talk of bringing him into the first team, as his inclusion there can mean confidence in a process.

Let’s remember this Claudio Giráldez was one of the protagonists of the Celta reserve team. Team that stands out for the use of its new projection players. Furthermore, his style of play has received plaudits from fans who hope he will get the chance at RC Celta at some point. This is even more true if there is no consensus with Rafa Benítez.

Claudio Giraldez team
The reserve team coach has to make decisions about his future and could leave in the summer.

Claudio Giráldez’s environment could see a team change in the summer: they are looking for him from the second division

In this way, it was possible to determine that the work of the subsidiary trainer was not in vain. Several clubs are even following him closely and his future would lie somewhere else next season. In addition, the management has not yet made a decision about the Madrid coach.

In this order of ideas, Claudio Giráldez could find a team in the second division if Celta doesn’t make decisions with Benítez. There are several clubs in the silver category that closely follow the coach’s work, which has not gone unnoticed. It can be the key to a promotion or leading a project with young talent.

The young coach wants to be the protagonist and in LaLiga Hypermotion he can achieve that

Therefore, it is expected that the future of the outstanding coach can be decided soon. If nothing happens with the top club’s current coach next summer, the 35-year-old Galician will start listening to the offers that have come in from the second division. The fans regret this as they want to see him as a protagonist in the first team.

We will then have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. There is currently no lack of offers from Claudio Giráldez’s environment. and if nothing is set for the rest of the season, a team may finish second the following season. The fans of the heavenly club are waiting for them to choose the Galician over Benítez.

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