The president of the Technical Committee of the Trust of the Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTPC), Celso Marranzini, stated this Tuesday that he “totally” rules out the sale of the plants.

“That can be written, I totally rule it out”, Marranzini stated during an interview on the morning program El Día, where he also clarified that the members of the committee can be removed at any time by the President of the Republic and have not been appointed for 30 years, as, in his opinion, has been misunderstood .

He clarified that what is established in the contract, which is for 30 years, is the operation and maintenance of the plant.

Marranzini emphasized that, in his opinion, Punta Catalina should remain in the hands of the State, managed efficiently and transparently.

defend trust

Marranzini defended the CTPC trust, assuring that if this was not done, the plant would remain in limbo after the liquidation of the Dominican Corporation of State Electric Companies (CDEEE), which was the body that had powers over the plant.

He stressed that Punta Catalina contributes 32% of the generation to the electrical system, so it was “extremely dangerous” to leave it in limbo.

He said that the other mechanism was to sell 49% of the plant and that this is not contemplated because that work is a national asset.

He explained that although the trust system has to be made much more robust in the country, this is the best at this time to manage the CTPC because it is transparent.





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