Celer Network (CELR): A smashing entry into the top 100 crypto!

While the trend is rather bearish this week in the crypto market with 87% of projects down, CELR crypto is one of the few satisfactions.

Over the last 7 days, this is the strongest increase in the top 100. A progression which has also enabled the CELR crypto project to integrate this top 100. Today zoom on what the solution brings in concrete terms Celer Network and whether the increase can be sustainable over time.

Focus on the Celer Network Project

Focus on the Celer Network Project Celer Network is a platform that allows you to act as the intermediary between decentralized applications and the blockchain. For this project, we will then speak of a level 2 scaling platform.

The architecture of the project designed by Celer Network allows both to considerably reduce transaction latency times. With transactions up to 20,000 times faster. An element that allows to consider the Celer Network as a useful tool for the use of cryptocurrencies as a fast and secure means of payment. Even more so for transactions of a small amount. For off-chain smart contracts, Celer’s solution also eliminates transaction fees. A solution which also makes it possible to provide answers to the thorny problem of blockchain interoperability.

Celer Network is also developing its business model with other products such as the CelerX platform, which allows developers to easily set up a game application. An application that can be quickly monetized.

The evolution of the CELR Token in 2021

The following chart shows the price of the asset since the start of the year. The uptrend is particularly visible.

The evolution of the CELR Token in 2021

While the token posted a price of 0.004 USD at the start of the year, it will experience a first rise in early February. Before experiencing a first peak at the end of March. In the space of barely 3 months, the token has seen its price multiplied by 20.

A first strong increase which will give birth to a phase of slow but certain correction. In mid-July, the token is then found at the threshold of 0.02 USD. It is from July 21 that the asset will start to rise again. An increase that will be moderate at first before literally exploding. On September 7, the asset is then listed below $ 0.05. As of September 18, it will exceed its highest historical level recorded last March. Before correcting again to start sharply upwards. To reach its highest all-time high the day before yesterday, September 26, flirting with the $ 0.20 mark. At the time of writing, a token is trading for $ 0.17. Over the last 7 days, the asset has increased by over 50%.

What to expect from CELR crypto in the longer term?

The project responds to a large number of issues in the blockchain world: speed of transactions, transaction costs, interoperability of blockchains. The CELR crypto and the Celer Network project are also focusing on other central themes such as the creation of DeFi applications or games. The intrinsic qualities of the project therefore seem extremely promising and perfectly integrated into the “bankable” segments of the crypto market.

If we rely on prediction platforms and their algorithms, we can come to a consensus on a longer term uptrend. The platform DigitalCoinPrice considers it likely that the price of a CELR token could exceed the $ 0.25 mark by the end of 2021. In the longer term, the trend also seems positive. The models of the platform consider that a token could exceed the threshold of $ 0.30 in 2023. The bar of $ 0.50 could be reached in the course of the year 2025.

Same story with TradingBeasts which considers probable that the crypto CELR appreciates by 15 to 20% by the end of the year 2021. In the longer term, we are also on a growing trend. With an estimated asset price that could flirt with $ 0.30 by the year 2024. Likewise, if the rise is more measured, WalletInvestor models estimate the crypto CELR could exceed $ 0.20 by 2025. Forecasts which obviously remain to be taken with a grain of salt. A fortiori for long-term estimates over several years.

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