Celebrating Pakistan’s victory, the husband filed a lawsuit against his wife

An extremist in India has filed a case against his wife for celebrating in Pakistan in the T20 World Cup.

According to Indian media, a man named Ishan Mia in the state of Uttar Pradesh has registered a case against his wife and in-laws who were celebrating Pakistan’s victory against India on October 24.

The text of the FIR states that wife Rabia Shamsi and her family set off firecrackers on India’s defeat and Pakistan’s victory and posted statuses on WhatsApp.

Man Files FIR Against Wife And In-Laws For Celebrating Pakistan & # 39; s Win Over India

The case has been registered at Ganji police station in Rampur district. SP Ankit Mattal said that the citizen has registered a case against his wife and in-laws on the complaint of mocking the Indian defeat.

Police have launched an investigation after the case was registered, but no arrests have been made.

Earlier, it was costly for a Muslim female teacher in Rajasthan to celebrate a Pakistani victory. Nafisa Attari, a female teacher, shared a photo of the match on her status and wrote, “We won,” after which the school administration fired the Muslim teacher.


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