Ceara Hatton says US$9 billion is needed to address water management

The Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton, considered that water constitutes a matter of national security and said that about US$9,000 million are needed to treat the management of the liquid resource and deplored the fact that close to 17 million tons of plastics end up in the sea, a product of the unconsciousness of the citizenry.

During the discussion, the minister stated that The business community has a leading role in changing the way we produce, adapt and face climate changeas well as contributing to environmental awareness and education, since the Ministry of the Environment is working in partnership with the Ministry of Education to implement this matter in the academic curriculum.

The Minister of the Environment and Natural Resources indicated that The Caribbean Sea is another issue of national security and that this agency is working on clear policies to protect its 2.7 million square kilometers. territorial distance.

Regarding sargassum, he specified that “we are studying a problem that not only affects the Dominican Republic very thoroughly, but we still need to find a solution.”

Regarding solid waste, Ceara Hatton said that the ministry she directs is contemplating a technical closure of the Duquesa landfillcover a schedule to close it permanently, to then build fields and other sports facilities.

Ecored proposes a public-private alliance

The president of the National Business Support Network for Environmental Protection (Ecored), Dania Heredia, proposed public-private alliances as tools to transform the current business model on the other that increasingly integrates aspects of sustainability, circularity, resilience and attention to climate crises.

Heredia offered the opening words of the dbreakfast-discussion organized by Ecoredwhich had the Minister of Environment and Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton, as its main guest, and was attended by directors of that entity, vice-ministers of that state agency and representatives of the business community.

The president of Ecored pointed out that “Historically we have promoted compliance with environmental law and supported the ministry with the implementation of changesas at the time was the Single Window and in 2018 the start-up of the online platform for Environmental Compliance Reports (ICA’s)”.

He stated that this initiative was of great value for that official instance and for the companies, because it facilitated the processes, saving time and economic resources.

Heredia concluded by stating that the island is under the effects of sudden variations in temperature, sargassum, waste, the abrupt transition from drought to intense rains and troughs that cause floodingamong other challenges related to climate change that constitute call for action in an articulated and collective mannerwith tangible efforts on the part of the official sectors, the business community and civil society.

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