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Cazorla isn’t happy with Cervera: Real Oviedo have a new target

Although the Carbayón team has completed more than eight appearances this summer, including the long-awaited return of the former Arsenal midfielder, the Equatoguinean coach is still not satisfied.

Real Oviedo looks set to be in the first division next season, that’s what everyone says when they see Santi Cazorla’s return. After several attempts to have that 38-year-old midfielder, the operation reached its climax and the dream of many came true. It should be noted that the footballer never played in the first game Oviedo team.

Cazorla arranged everything with his previous team, Al-Sadd SC from Qatar, where he was sacked. Then their representatives approached the positions with Martín Peláez and Roberto Suárez (President and Sporting Director of Oviedo) and finally an agreement was reached. However, Álvaro Cervera is far from happy but still believes his side should keep signing and minimizes the veteran footballer’s arrival.

For Cervera, the big signing is waiting for a loan from Manu Vallejo, who was part of his team last season.

Cervera admits Real Oviedo’s big signing isn’t Santi Cazorla

For a large part of Oviedista fans and the Asturian press, the arrival of the former Arsenal is perhaps the best signing not only of the season but of recent years. That’s not the case for the former Cádiz coach, although he believes his experience gives him something to contribute. However, the manager spared no expense and said what if it could be the star signing who is missing from his squad.

Cervera was pleased with the performance of Cádiz forward Manu Vallejo and hopes he can continue in his squad, this time as his own player. In the 16 games that the forward played in the Oviedo shirt, he scored 4 goals and influenced the offensive performance of the other players. In short, a piece that the Equatoguinean considers important for his facade design.

While Oviedo solves Cervera’s request, the fans wait for Santi Cazorla

There is no doubt that Carbayón fans’ attention is focused on the debut of the two-time European soccer champion with the Spanish national team (2008-2012). However, it should also be noted that the same midfielder is looking forward to playing in the first team at the club where he started his professional career.. Also, his salary will be very low, and the rights to his image will be transferred to the same team.

These were some of the statements made by Santi Cazorla before his arrival at the Carbayón team. “I don’t want anything from Oviedo… I already feel paid for having the opportunity to wear this shirt again and experience my latest adventures close to my people.”. The 38-year-old midfielder could make his debut against Racing Ferrol this Sunday, August 20.

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