Cavs coach gives the perfect description of Ricky

Ricky Rubio has fallen on his feet in the Cleveland Cavaliers. What in July seemed like a new injustice for the moment he is going through in his career (surely the best), may be a step that propels him towards higher heights. Let us remember that the Spanish ends his contract next summer, that the normal thing is that the Cavs do not have the long-term contract and do not see a transfer with bad eyes in February, and that playing at this level can become a goal of a team with aspirations a point guard needs for the playoffs.

This is all the future, it doesn’t sound bad and it wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened. But at the moment they are conjecture. What is real is what he has done in his first four games in Cleveland: 14.3 points, 2.3 triples with more than 39% accuracy, 4 rebounds, 9 assists and 1.3 steals. All this in 28 minutes on the track. Notable numbers and outstanding sensations. The Cavs signed him up as a youth mentor and guide and he’s not disappointing. He was decisive in the victory against the Hawks and last night, without playing the best game, he also helped his team to win for the second day in a row. In this case the Nuggets. And ending the starting game despite starting as a substitute. A clear example of the importance it has in the Ohio franchise. His connection to Jarrett Allen, another standout from this start to the season and one of the team’s young talents, is giving the Cavs plenty of good minutes.

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After the victory against the Nuggets they asked their coach, JB Bickerstaff, about the competitive spirit of the Spanish. The coach has surely given one of the best explanations of what Ricky Rubio is as a player and how he got here: “To survive so long at the professional level, starting at the age and level he started at … Imagine being so young and competing against those guys who take a few years out of you. How does that spirit have to be to compete? that he has shown from a very young age, like that inner fire that he has inside. He has done it tonight and has helped us win. His job is and is being to show us the way. The Atlanta game or tonight He is clear about it, he is assuming that responsibility. He knows that he needs that level to achieve it. “

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