Caviar’s Luxurious iPhone 13 Pro Includes Original iPhone Components

Although most Caviar phones include gold, jewelry or other precious materials, the latest models have a much more sober designas they are a tribute to Apple founder Steve Jobs.

For the phone, the artists at Caviar used the design of the iPhone 13 Pro and they combined it with components from a first generation iPhone. The result was an impressive aesthetic that resembles the circuitry of a microchip.

iPhone 13 Pro Caviar Body Features a hardened titanium construction like the one used in the aviation industry, while the lower body sports a titanium finish with a black coating and an engraved Steve Jobs signature.

In the center of the back of the body there are A sealed Apple-branded bite apple-shaped capsule with a fragment of the original iPhone 2G motherboard.


The back cover of the smartphone is decorated with a high-precision engraving that represents the technical elements of the device, which are linked together like the heart of the circulatory system.

The iPhone 2G Caviar versions of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are limited to 19 pieces and are sold per 6,990 dollars (6,210 euros) on your online store.

Caviar’s iPhone, like all of its items, is an ultra-premium model produced in limited quantities.

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