Causeur and Williams-Goss rescue Real Madrid in Tenerife

Neither Shermadini nor Huertas, a colossal couple, could prevent it. Madrid, to the final against Barça. For the 27th time in the last 31 ACB titles, that is, ten seasons and so on, the overall Laso era, one of the two potentates will expand their showcases. The whites scored 24 triples (4 of 28), they lost their centers to fouls and Rudy to injury, but they grabbed the beast Yabusele, the unexpected appearance of Williams-Goss and the Causeur goblin to leave the host and their stands with the crooked gesture. They had touched it, it escaped them.

We said in the previous one that the Lenovo was the most complete block in this Super Cup, the most fit probably, and Laso added that the one with the most automatisms. Huertas and Fitapaldo were there to demonstrate it, to connect with their teammates, with Shermadini or Fran Guerra in the continuation and with Sulejmanovic open, also Salin. The Brazilian and the Uruguayan distributed 7 of the 10 assists of their team at halftime, when Lenovo led 37-31 (they did it by 10: 32-22), while their adversary did not exceed three basket passes. Such poor background was due, not only to the generation of the game, but also to the unprecedented percentage of three: 0% after scoring his 15 triples attempted in the first half. And in the midst of a riotous carousel of errors, Real had closed the gap (32-29) with Yabusele as a beacon on the inside and Heurtel as the only reliable point guard then (Alocén did not play, Williams-Goss’s starting performance was worrying and Llull was wrong).

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In the third quarter Hanga removed the cap from the rim from 6.75, but the fouls of Tavares and Poirier (both eliminated prematurely) unhinged Laso, who took a technique (and another before Edy) and brushed disqualification. The Lenovo was holding the rent (49-42), it did until Rudy, in a bad turn due to a wet march on the parquet, twisted his left knee and left worryingly injured. Williams-Goss came in, almost as a last resort, and became the momentary hero. Basket to close the third quarter, three forced and scored free throws, triple (all that followed) and subsequent basket after a 2 + 1 from the beast Yabusele. Madrid, by pure competitive experience, went up (55-59) and except for the tie at 59, in which Fran Guerra made Santiago Martín roar, he would not lose that privilege. He knew, as usual, successfully face an uncertain end. Causeur did it, to which the public, “even against it”, gives wings. Sweat and tension, yes; but without news on the front: again, classic final, the fourth in a row in an ACB tournament.

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