Cattaneo: “I want to be one of the best time trialists”

Mattia Cattaneo, a 31-year-old Italian from Deceuninck, renewed his contract with the Belgian team for the next two seasons, until 2023. The group says in its press release that it rewards “the dedication and hard work done by their colleagues, as well as the constant progress of their own personal performances.” And he picked up the news of the extension with joy: “I am super happy and proud to continue with this structure. The Wolfpack (La Manada) is a unique team in cycling, and it is a pleasure to stay with them ”.

Regarding its plans for the future, it hopes to continue in the same line of support to its leaders, but also increase your performance in time trials: “I feel very satisfied to help the captain during the hard days in the great tours and in certain competitions, as well as in the sprint train, because I know that they will also work for me in some specific appointments and support me in trying to get results . For instance, I dream of being one of the best chrono specialists in the world. It will be super difficult, although I was 5th and 8th in the Tour time trials and I think it is possible to improve. I would love to become Italian and world champion, but I coincide with Filippo Ganna in both tests ”.

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