Cats: For Jennifer Hudson, the film is “misunderstood”

Tom Hooper Cats remains the cinematic enigma of the year 2019 (and maybe even the decade at all). This traumatic film, mixing musical performances, filthy cats-humanoids in synthetic images and a story without tail or head, was shouted at by most of the spectators, even by Tom hooper himself and some of the cast (of which Judi Dench, who called his costume “five foxes kissing on his back” and found his character to look like a “big, big orange bruise”).

However, if some actors chose to defend the film to the end (Jason Derulo especially thought that this feature film was going to be unforgettable since it would have changed the face of the world forever), the technical teams had to face a major problem: major technical problems linked to a Butthole Cut.

The technical teams of Cats would have suffered in the face of Tom hooper to do everything to correct this “Butthole Cut”, that is, a version of the movie where the cats all had noticeable assholes, which would have made you dive Cats in the throes of ridicule, though it didn’t need that disastrous version for it to be.

Even if there is a global consensus around the principle that Cats is a very bad movie, some die-hards continue to defend the nanar, like Jennifer hudson, who plays the character of Grizabella. She railed against critics in the media Total Film :

“You know what ? I think it was a bit overwhelming. It’s unfortunate that this was misunderstood. I think later people will see it differently. But it’s something I’m very proud of and grateful to have been a part of. Yes, I could have been Grizabella the Glamor Cat! ”

Not sure that this rare testimony welcoming Cats does not reverse the general trend of critics, especially as viewers seem to wait impatiently for the Butthole Cut to make fun of the film than anything else …

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