Catalan: “They will have to kill us so that Levante is not in the First Division”

Quico Catalan presented to the shareholders of the I raised the first losses in his 12 years at the head of the club’s management. 23.2 million corresponding to fiscal year 2020-21. “We deeply regret this result, it has not been our own since our arrival,” said the president, apologizing for the management and blaming the numbers on the appearance of the pandemic.

“In 2019 we presented ourselves with a surplus and we considered a new scenario, a new management strategy that would help us consolidate the team in the First Division and thus achieve a revaluation of our assets.” The proposed change strategy, which involved the sale of footballers after exploiting those assets in sports at the club, in the words of the president, was ruined by the effects of COVID. “Three months after that meeting, we changed our way of relating, our habits … in short, our lives. Markets disappeared“, Catalan qualified.

From 15 million in player sales to just over a million in a year due to the effects of the pandemic, as reflected in the accounts, when the average has historically been above 17 million euros per season in the years in the First Division. “It has been an impact on the club’s accounts,” says Ignacio García, the club’s Chief Financial Officer.

“It has been impossible to redirect the strategy taken in 2019,” acknowledged the president. To which he added: “We could have sold out our assets, but we did not want to weaken the area that allows us to grow: sports. The pandemic has led most of the clubs to a loss scenario.” Levante is today bottom of the First Division, with 25 consecutive games without winning in the domestic competition, surpassing the LaLiga record.

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Precisely the 23 million deficit corresponds to the inability to sell the 16.5 million euros stipulated in the accounts to close the year with a surplus. Today, precisely, a budget was submitted with a slight profit (89,000 euros) after taxes in 2021-22 subject, among other things, to transferring players for 10.5 million before June 30, 2022. The problem is the same one year later.

Nevertheless, Catalan asked for support for his 12 years of management and unity in the face of the sports crisis, with the decline threatening the entity. “We left behind eleven consecutive seasons with a surplus, which had reinforced our credibility with partners and creditors.” These were his words: “We will defend what is a treasure for us, to be in the First Division, something that we have only achieved in 15 years of our history, 12 seasons in recent years.. The new generations do not contemplate another scenario. For them, the little ones, for the older ones, for those who fought for this club, we will fight to the end “.

“With all my heart, I ask you for this union. Our players are our true weapons to achieve this. To help them is to help the I raised, to our feeling, to our history. We are not going to throw in the towel. There are 60 points left, and they will have to kill us so that someone does not count on Levante in the First Division next year “.

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