Castro vs. Del Nido: the Board of Uncertainty

Sevilla today lives a key day to break the existing uncertainty in the shareholder war that marks the entity. The Extraordinary General Meeting (Palace of exhibitions and Congresses of Seville, Fibes, 18:00) It will mean a new clash of intentions between the current president, José Castro, and his predecessor in office, a José María Del Nido who intends to take over the reins of the club again and who leads the opposition to the current government. Today’s Meeting was an express request of Sevillistas Unidos 2020, los Americanos, a group that will now go hand in hand with Del Nido and that demanded some points on the agenda such as the cessation of the Board of Directors and the modification of the number of members of the same.

Del Nido wants another Seville and intends to be the leader of those changes. “The club is ruined at the moment,” he warned last week. “I will return to Sevilla. Tomorrow, the day after or the other. It is not Del Nido or chaos, chaos is the current accounts,” he said.. The former president believes that he will finally be able to vote, although it is another of the Board’s unknowns due to the agreement signed before the 2019 Meeting by the large shareholders. This is what the current president clings to, José Castro, who insists that “it is ridiculous to say that Sevilla is ruined.” Del Nido could prosecute the Board in case of not being able to vote, although the current president is clear: “He will comply with the law. I have received actions in an overwhelming way by many Sevilla fans who do not like Mr. Del Nido. In football you have to know how to be and know how to leave. His time has passed. It is the law of life. The timing is absurd. He is represented in the club by two councilors who have signed accounts that he describes as ruinous. “

The sides seem to be marked. The investment group 777 Partners (owns around 10%) will not be on the Board but will be represented by Del Nido, which will also have other support such as that of the director Luis Galán, who recently sold his shareholding package. But in this war, grassroots sevillismo also spoke out and sided with José Castro. when announcing the group Accionistas Unidos (5.3%) that it will defend the continuity of the current Board. Small shareholders clearly oppose the intervention of the American group allied with Del Nido Benavente and defend the stability pact that was signed. The numbers are on the side of José Castro in the prelude to another Board full of questions. Yesterday, also the group of fans Biris Norte wanted to pronounce: “We do not position ourselves in favor of anyone, only Sevilla. There are two options: be on the side of Sevilla or those who come to do business with him.”

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