Castellanos will be out against Valladolid

He Girona will not be able to count, this Saturday, against Valladolid with ‘Taty’ Castellanos. Girona presented allegations before the Competition Committee for the yellow card that the Argentine striker saw against Elche for it to be withdrawn, but there was no ‘luck’. Competition dismissed the allegations made by the Girona entity, confirmed the warning and therefore, Castellanos will not be able to play on Saturday because it is his tenth yellow card this season. He is completing his cycle and Míchel will not be able to line him up at José Zorrilla.

Girona sent a letter and video evidence to Competition because the referee, in the arbitration report, wrote that Castellanos was reprimanded in the 17th minute against Elche for “recklessly hitting his arm while fighting for the ball” and the club stated that there was a manifest material error in the drafting of the minutes, “Since in no case does the action described take place.” Girona, in a legitimate exercise of its right of defense, also stated that “There is no hit from the Girona player to the Elche player, much less recklessly” and that “it is unlikely that the referee could see with absolute clarity and sharpness what happened in the play.” Given all this, the Competition examined the videographic evidence and the referee’s report and concluded that the images do not contradict the referee’s assessment. “The description of the facts that the referee reflects in the minutes in relation to the conduct displayed by the player on file is not distorted by the images, which are clearly compatible with the description contained in the minutes”, detailed the committee.

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Girona tried to pardon Castellanos, but the truth is that the Competition replied that “none of the legal and regulatory requirements to consider the occurrence of a manifest material error are met. Neither obviousness, nor clarity, nor incompatibility between the images and what is stated in the record”. For this reason, the Argentine will not be able to play on Saturday against Valladolid since Girona will not file an appeal before the Appeal. Of course, it will not be the only loss because Santi Bueno also received a card against Elche that, like Castellanos, will make him complete the cycle. Defensive problems for a Míchel who has serious doubts about David López, touched and who already missed last Sunday’s game.

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