Castaways spend six days on a desert island, without water or food

Eleven Indonesian fishermen survived a storm caused by Tropical Cyclone Ilsa and were eventually rescued by Australian authorities this week, reports CNN. They had just spent six days on a desert island, called Bedwell, without water or food. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority said the ten-man boat ran aground due to inclement weather.

An eleventh comes from another ship that sank, says the BBC. This fisherman would be the only survivor of the ten crew members and would have swum for several hours, hanging from a jerrycan, before being picked up by the other shipwrecked people.

A makeshift camp

The eleven men were spotted by an Australian Border Force aircraft. They are said to have built a makeshift camp on Bedwell beach, 300 km from the town of Broome, using the remains of the boats. A helicopter dispatched to the scene saved the fishermen who were then taken to a hospital.

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Repatriated to the mainland on Monday evening, the castaways received medical treatment and will be able to return to Indonesia when they are better. They are “all in good health despite their ordeal,” a Border Force spokesman said. quoted by ABC.

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