‘Casino’ acclaimed by audiences

On Friday, Bashundhara Star Cineplex’s ‘Casino’ 4:45 PM show went houseful. Besides, Housefull also went to Jamuna Blockbuster Cinemas. Saikat Nasir, the director of the movie, is excited by such news. He said, ‘I said Casino will be the movie of this Eid.

Will gradually win the hearts of the audience.’

After the show of Casino on Friday, the audience was asked for their comments and they praised the movie. Said, I saw another silent. The dark world of the casino is beautifully portrayed in this story.

Apart from this, the audience also praised Khal actor Taskin of the film.

Nirav was in the limelight even before the release of Nirav-Bubli starrer ‘Casino’. It was said that after the release, you will go to the hall and watch the movie with the audience. But that’s not happening anymore.

He was in bed when he got the news of his movie’s housefull. This hero is resting due to fever. On the previous Eid, Nirav went there before the afternoon show at Bashundhara Cineplex. But could not stay long. If you feel fever in your body, go back home.
Returning home, the fever is more and more in his body.

Nirav said, ‘The body felt feverish since the day before Eid. I thought, taking medicine might fix it. Thinking of this, I went to Bashundhara Cineplex for the afternoon show on Eid day. But I could not go and stay even for 10 minutes. The fever in the body increases. After returning home, I became bedridden. Now the body temperature is 103 degrees.’

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Regretfully lying on the bed, this hero also said, ‘I wanted to go to Hall during Eid. I will sit with the audience and watch my movie. I will talk to them, take pictures. Who knows when the fever will subside now!’

Even if he can’t go, Nibur is keeping the news of the movie on the phone and in some places on social media.

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