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Casey DeSantis, Florida Governor’s top activist to reach the White House

Casey DeSantis, Florida Governor's top activist to reach the White House

With Trump out of the picture during the first Republican debate, all eyes were on him last night the second favorite, Ron DeSantis. But the one who never takes his eyes off him is his wife Casey DeSantis, the best asset of the Republican campaign. That’s what they say about her He has the charisma that the Republican lackssomething the Florida governor has gradually improved, but he still has a long way to go. “The No Secret Weapon”“an antidote to her sometimes uncomfortable husband,” “with a great telegenic personality,” are some of the descriptions the national press has made of her.

Florida’s First Lady, 42, survived breast cancer that he was diagnosed in October 2021. “The day I finally found out was Ron telling me,” Casey revealed in an interview with Harris Faulkner on Fox News ahead of last night’s debate. “I couldn’t listen to the doctors, I didn’t want to hear an opinion.” The TV presenter received up to 6 chemotherapy sessions and finally beat cancer in March 2022. About her husband she said in an interview: “He did for me in my fight with cancer what he did for the people of this state during the Covid because he checks data and analyzed.” Just as he fought for me, he fought for the people of this state. The governor’s support for his wife during the worst time a woman can go through has already become cannon fodder for DeSantis’ Super PAC ads. they called it “The Bell” (The Bell), and refers to the bell that Casey rang after her last chemotherapy treatment, a custom quite common in this country that symbolizes the triumph of the patient over the disease.

power of seduction

Casey knows what the public wants knows how to conquer the cameras, and she has been ever since the rumors of her husband’s presidential candidacy began to surface. His alluring power has permeated a segment of Republican voters who want a less aggressive speech than that of Trump and the governor’s wife has more and more weight in her husband’s election campaign. Was taken more than 60 interviews in the last few weeksand focuses on supporting social causes and the fight against cancer (raised more than $100 million in fiscal year 2022-2023). In addition, Casey is also focused on supporting initiatives that address people’s stigma Mental health. It does this through its Resiliency Florida initiative (supported by famous professionals such as David Beckman, Chris Mueller or Tom Brady, among others).

But as always, it’s not all good, and not everyone in Ron DeSantis’ circle believes that Casey is the panacea. Like her husband, she trusts no one. “It is the power behind the throne”., people close to him have confessed to the digital newspaper Político that they remain anonymous “for fear of reprisals given his power. Not only from him, but also from her,” the publication explains. One of the decisions that Casey was instrumental in making, and which for many was a mistake that they would now pay dearly for, is fired Susie Wilesa well-known agent who helped Donald Trump win the state of Florida in the last election and also managed to make DeSantis the governor of the Sunshine State in 2018. Wiles is now once again leading the former president’s presidential campaign.

Born in Zanesville, Ohio, Jill Casey DeSantis shares the same first name as First Lady Jill Biden. Daughter of a Sicilian immigrant speech therapist And if Ron DeSantis does make it to the Casablanca, the first lady who will accompany him, from an optometrist and former US Air Force officer, will be very different from Melania Trump, who has been little if ever seen since the Trump’s left Washington. Most notably, the former First Lady has missed being able to accompany Trump halfway across the country to face the various court cases he is dealing with. But Casey doesn’t leave Ron alone, and they trust her to reverse the poll results and make her man the perfect candidate ahead of the current winner, Donald Trump. The DeSantis are a young married couple (Ron is 44) with two daughters (Madison, 5, and Mamie, 2) and one child (Mason, 4). Surely the reader has seen them in one of the thousands of published images of the five together, trying to show the unity, the same one they want to bring to a country undergoing the greatest polarization it has experienced in recent years.

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