Case filed against German women who beat a horse in Tokyo 2020

The prosecution of the German city of Potsdam reported this Tuesday which will close the criminal investigation for animal abuse against a German modern pentathlon athlete and the coach of the national team.

In a statement posted on the website, the prosecution indicated that athlete Annika Schleu and coach Kim Raisner briefly turned violent against Schleu’s horse at the Tokyo Olympics and that both were in an extraordinary situation physically and mentally during the competition. “Furthermore, there were no injuries to the competition horse.”, he pointed.

Schleu and Raisner will have to pay a sum of money in favor of a charity. The prosecution did not want to give any information about the amount for reasons of personal and data protection, and clarified that the file will be closed when the two have paid the money.

Schleu’s hopes of winning Olympic gold in Tokyo were dashed when his horse ‘Saint Boy’ refused to take the show jumping course. Raisner urged a tearful Schleu to use the whip with the words ‘hit it hard’, which were heard on television. The German Animal Protection Agency filed the criminal complaint against Schleu and Raisner.

The prosecution also noted that neither of them had a criminal record and that it was unlikely that the offense would be repeated, as the modern pentathlon is willing to forego horsemanship in the wake of the incident.

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